About H&A

***Currently H&A is not accepting new clients***



Hack & Associates is a life sciences consulting firm focused primarily on food and drug regulatory matters, intellectual property, corporate risk management, and asset valuation.  We strive to provide our clients with the consulting services that best suit their needs.  Hack & Associates focuses on issue spotting and formulating solutions that make the most business sense.  H&A is committed to providing clients with complete solutions to unique matters.

We provide  innovative solutions to companies with ground-breaking and new technologies;  and, as a full service firm, we counsel clients from concept to market.  Whether it is developing or protecting new intellectual property or assessing the value of medical device portfolios, H&A has the resources and the expertise to provide clients  the very best consulting services.

H&A provides clients with multiple solutions to complex problems while considering client business needs, cost, time, risk exposure and resources.

H&A also provides clients with the highest quality comprehensive services and world class customer service.  We understand the importance of our relationship with the client and want to facilitate bolstering that relationship by listening to and understanding their needs fully.  We diligently select our clients so that we can ensure that we deliver exactly what our client needs and exceed their expectations in the process.

Hack & Associates draws upon a deep reserve of talent and experience including FDA expertise, industry expertise, and engineering expertise.

The firm’s clients include domestic and international companies, from biotech start-ups to long-established manufacturers and marketers; not-for-profit organizations; and individuals.